7 Essential Strategies Discussion Guide

…we went to scripture and outlined together what concepts we could constantly measure in our church that would make sure ideas led to action. We knew that only as we remained in Christ would we have the heart and power to do ministry, so abiding in Christ had to be first. We then walked through our understanding of the “Share, Connect, Ministry, and Disciple” process that Jesus modeled. In other words, Jesus shared who he was, and then for those who accepted him, he connected with them in relationship where he taught them the truth. From there he began to train his disciples for ministry, and finally sent them out to reproduce what they had seen him do with them (disciple). – Jim Putman

1. Abiding in Christ. Every step toward making true disciples must be rooted in our personal walk with the Lord.

2. Reaching the Lost. Many in the Church believe that reaching the lost is the end goal, but with discipleship as our focus, helping the world meet Jesus is the beginning of the journey, not the end.

3. Connecting the Unconnected. Believers must first be connected to God in a deeper way and then connected to other believers in authentic relationships.

4. Chase the Strays. It is our responsibility as ministers to go after those who have pulled away from the body of Christ and to draw them close to help them grow and connect.

5. Shepherd toward Spiritual Maturity. We must guide believers into a place of maturity in Christ, not leaving them to remain stagnant or struggling.

6. Release Leaders. Helping believers discover and develop their potential in Christ and releasing them to use their gifting for the Kingdom of God is vital for healthy disciple making.

7. Function as Team. The greatest tool we have as a church is unity.

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