Internal Combustion–An homage to my dad–Sometimes I think of myself as a type of soul-mechanic. My Dad was an auto mechanic and diagnostics trainer. He taught me automotive diagnostics at a very elementary level. While I didn’t follow in my father’s footsteps or join the family business. The mechanic ideal is what I have landed on as a metaphor for ministry. People are often broken, they need someone to help them in God’s repair shop. Four critical areas of internal combustion are deeply built into our souls. We need a spark, something to light our fire; we need fuel continually added to the fire; internally the combustion must be contained and directed to the drivetrain; then we will go forward. What parts of your spiritual life must be coordinated to keep you going with God, in his mission? Metaphors may be helpful or confusing. What components of your engine, need help from a “soul-mechanic.”